When you have so little as vulnerable and orphaned children do, it is often small things that can make such a big difference. But, it is one thing to gift these items, anything from shoes to solar lamps and soap, which all make a significant difference, and another to empower the people on the ground to create, make, source, of fund the items.

We know this is not always easy, but we are always looking for a way to help empower people on the ground to do. Making blankets for example. Or soap.

We would be delighted to hear from you, if you have ideas on how this could be achieved. It is true, ‘give a person a fish and it will feed them once. Teach them to fish and they have food for life. ‘

Teach knitting to warm this child

Teach knitting to one local woman in Mbale, Uganda online, so they learn how to craft squares and make a blanket to warm a street child.