Food for street kids

Food for Street Kids

When Joyce Kidulu from Mabale Uganda wrote to tell us there were 57 children who lived on the streets of their town, it was during the height of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.  She explained that these children had no means by which to keep clean let alone wash their hands as had become mandatory hygiene behaviour around the world.

We mounted a campaign and immediately wonderful compassionate people like you rose to the challenge. Within days we had the touching video response shown above.

In their shoes

Since then, we have had many discussions with Joyce about what can be done to further help these children.

It’s hard to imagine when we look on the sleeping faces of our warm and fed children or grandchildren at night, what it would be like if it was they who were without love, warmth and adequate food.  It’s literally too painful to walk our children in their shoes.

These children are amazingly resilient, but they are also vulnerable and without decent nourishing food prone to immune deficiency diseases.  We cannot replace their parents, or homes, but we can supply food.

How though?

We started to research.  There had to be a way that would make it simple for people to buy food in Uganda and get it to Joyce and her team to feed the kids.

Then we found Jumia.  It was such a joy to discover this sophisticated, well run platform operation that supplies every known commodity to the people in Uganda.

At first, we experimented with small packs of selected food—the ingredients for flat bread and rice and beans.   After a few teething problems, we got it right.

Jumia let us know that the order was processed and on its way, and texted Joyce when it was about to be delivered.

Within a week, Joyce had handed the food over to the team that support these children, and we received these photographs.

For now, this was proof of concept and it was fantastic to see the children enjoying the food.

But it is not enough.  We need good hearted people to commit to a regular purchase of food.

If 30 people sent the cost of a bread pack once a month (US13 or AU18) then the children would eat bread every day.

Become a champion!

Our desire is to empower you to become your own MINI NFP!

You could become a champion for everyday food for these kids, or shoes, blankets and clothes.  Or, let’s dream big here. A partnership with an entrepreneurship organisation that would work to  skill the children up into gainful employment.

CreateCare Global facilitates the relationship.  What we want to see is people empowered to make the difference, using their community, creativity and compassion to do so.

What do help do you need to achieve that?  Please contact us if you think you, or your children, or their school, or your community might become a Mbale Street Kids champion.

It is hard to think of a bigger of more immediate impact than helping to feed a child who is hungry.


Are you a teacher or parent?

If you are a teacher or parent wanting empower your children in some creative, problem solving and to become a champion for these street children, we greatly encourage this.

It is such a simple way for your children to learn how they can make a REAL difference with a Small Act.  We would love to hear your stories about the ideas they came up with.

Please join our Small Activists Facebook group and share your stories.  We will be sharing photos like these as the children receive the food you buy them. We’d also love to share photographs and stories of what your children did to raise the funds and to act as their own SMALL ACTS MINI NFP!

Jumia food arrives to feed street children
Street child eating food sent and prepared
Director of food receiving flour