This is one of our current campaigns in which we invite you to become a small activist. Raising just $10 can buy a child a pair of shoes and save them from the pain of Jiggers’ Disease, or fund fabric for a reusable diaper which will help a disable child maintain their respect and dignity, or purchase a mosquito net which will spare them from the mosquito born diseases including deathly encephalitis. One child spared is a life granted to make a difference in their families, community and country.

Can you help support these young girls rescued from the streets of Nairobi? Donate to buy two electric sewing machines.

reusable diaper making

Every dollar towards a wheelchair will change life for Jabez, and his community, and some of the 2m Ugandan children who have cerebral palsy.


Jiggers Disease creates open wounds in children’s feet in Africa. They need just a little medical treatment and a pair of shoes to heal. Small act. Big impact.