Personal health and hygiene items are for many a necessity, they take for granted. We don’t consider what it would be like not to have soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, or sanitary wear for girls. Many of whom must miss days of schooling because they lack such a basic necessity.

We don’t consider what it would be like not to be able to study or read or do anything once it gets dark, except perhaps by the light of a dangerous candle, or kerosene light.

We couldn’t imagine life with out shoes to keep our feet safe and warm, or clothes to manage hot and cold weather. If we are out and about, we have access to water. Some children walk for miles to get to school in hot weather without access to a water bottle to carry water.

Many children do not possess a toys, and few would have the luxury of a warm blanket to cuddle up at night under.

These are the basic health, hygiene and comfort necessities we can provide through our Small Acts and have a big impact.

It is estimated that seven out of 10 women and girls in rural Kenya are unable to afford sanitary pads or towels.  This means that for days at a time, young girls are missing out on school leaving them even more disadvantage.