Buy a bike for a volunteer

How might you solve this Small Act creatively to buy a bike for a volunteer and make their work to treat Jiggers Disease so much easier.

Teach knitting to warm this child

Teach knitting to one local woman in Mbale, Uganda online, so they learn how to craft squares and make a blanket to warm a street child.

Hungry street children

There are 57 hungry street children in Mbale Uganda. This is your opportunity to help provide them with staple foods.

A little baby with clubfoot

There are 500 babies born in Zimbabwe each year with clubfoot who can be cured with a simple medical procedure. Here is how you can help.

Solar lamps gifted to Suubi Secondary college students

Solar lamps can make a huge difference in a student’s life to help them achieve their dream and keep them safe from dangerous kerosene lamps.