No uniforms, no school

Your kindness

The kindness of others is incredibly heartwarming when it happens spontaneously and especially in support of orphaned and vulnerable children.

We have come to know Chrisphine Ochieng Okumu well over some years now.  He is the founder of BlueBell Orphanage in Busia, Kenya which looks after around 200 children.

Recently Chrisphine contacted us to say that eight of the orphaned girls had been accepted into the local primary school, but could not attend as they did have the mandatory uniform to do so.

CreateCare Global put out an urgent Small Acts appeal.

In less than 12 hours, we had the money requested.  In less than 16 hours, it was in Chrisphine’s hands.  The following day the children went to school.  Their first day.

Uniforms for girls

Think about this!  Two days before they went to school for the first day, they had no idea if they could go.  You made this possible.

A small act.  But the impact on these girls cannot be counted.  They are now afforded an education.  What ripple effects will that have in their lives and the lives of their families?

All from the kindness of others.  THANK YOU KIND PEOPLE!  We need more of you in the world.