Can you help support these young girls rescued from the streets of Nairobi? Donate to buy two electric sewing machines.

A wheelchair for Jabez

Every dollar towards a wheelchair will change life for Jabez, and his community, and some of the 2m Ugandan children who have cerebral palsy.

Supplying a uniform for a child in Kenya can make the difference between them going to school and learning, or not. It is a small price to pay, to change a child’s life

It is estimated that seven out of 10 women and girls in rural Kenya are unable to afford sanitary pads or towels.  This means that for days at a time, young girls are missing out on school leaving them even more disadvantage.

Food for street kids

You can send staple foods efficiently through Jumia in Uganda to help feed 57 street children. Become your own MININFP and drive a campaign to help feed the children regularly.

Kids planting seeds

Fund seeds and not only feed kids in Kenya, but help heal them. This is your opportunity to take a Small Act to make a Big Impact

Fund seeds and feed kids in need is a simple and inexpensive way of nourishing orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya. Commit to act now.

Buy a bike for a volunteer

How might you solve this Small Act creatively to buy a bike for a volunteer and make their work to treat Jiggers Disease so much easier.


Jiggers Disease creates open wounds in children’s feet in Africa. They need just a little medical treatment and a pair of shoes to heal. Small act. Big impact.